How to Effectively Market Your Business on YouTube
  • By scottcarney

YouTube is more than a home for funny cat videos. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine with 1 billion users and 5 billion videos being watched every day. Despite these astronomical numbers, many businesses fail to consistently utilise YouTube as part of their digital marketing strategy. Video marketing is more important and influential than ever, that's why it's important to tap into YouTube to increase your businesses' visibility and credibility. Here are some of the most effective ways to market your business on YouTube.

Repackage Your Videos for Other Platforms

YouTube videos shouldn’t be just restricted to your channel, cross-promotion and repackaging content into new formats is certain to reach a wider audience.

Sharing a video link on your social media or blog post is a quick and simple way to promote your work to your established audience.

Videos can also be repackaged in numerous ways to reach entirely new channels and viewers e.g. making a podcast from the video’s audio to promote on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.


Collaborations are a popular video format among creators and audiences alike, and a great way to have your content disseminated, shared, and viewed.

They are a win-win situation for both you and your collaborator, as you both receive exposure from your respective audiences and your credibility will increase the more you work with well-known channels.


Designed to create more engagement, CTAs are the key actions that your audience needs to take to help achieve your targets.

CTAs have a commonplace on YouTube beyond putting links in your video’s description, placing bubbles subtly throughout the video such as ‘subscribe or ‘follow’ will give a clear indication to your audience what the next step is to take.


A thumbnail is typically the first thing that the viewer sees, that’s why it’s especially important to take time and thought when creating them to ensure they grab the attention of your audience and make them want to click on your video.

YouTube thumbnails typically display the most exciting aspect of the video, the key promotional tool. The best thumbnails use bright colours and are linked in with the title, helping create a narrative for the viewer and make them want to know what happens next.


Though it doesn’t seem like a groundbreaking jump forward, the new ability to add subtitles to your videos is an update that needs to be paid attention to.

A large majority of people watch videos in public but without sound to avoid disruption to those around them, but without hearing what the video is about, it renders your message meaningless.

However, removing this barrier will create a secondary option for your audience and allow them to enjoy your content regardless of their surroundings.

Viewer Interaction

The YouTube comment section is the perfect way to interact and start a conversation with your viewers, it’s easy to monitor and respond to feedback quickly and consistently.

When possible, it’s important to personalise feedback to viewers to help build your reputation as an approachable, authentic channel.


If you are producing a series of videos on a similar subject, creating a playlist is a great way to not only organise your content but garner a long viewer time from your audience.

Playlists are also favoured in the Google and YouTube algorithm, meaning that your videos are open to more views.

End Screens

An end screen is now the perfect call to action for audiences to view your content both on YouTube and other content.

This screen arrives at the perfect once the audience has just finished your content and is already hooked, this will offer the next step. You can tailor what your viewer sees depending on your objectives, so whether it's more views or more hits on your websites, end screens are the best opportunity to receive direct action from your audience.










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